We listened to our customers experiences, taking the time to work with those entrusted in fulfilling H&S requirements to understand the size and scope of the task.

  • Attitudes to Health & Safety Poor attitudes and non-compliance

  • Procedures Long and inefficient paper process

  • Pitfalls Produces Multiple Benefits

We found that in order to fulfill regulations and keep your staff and customers safe, there are many routine checks required. Satisfying these requirements often involve onerous and repetitive tasks resulting in a poor attitude and non-compliance.

The sheer volume of H&S files. Why have we still got paper? It’s bad for the environment and wastes time. In an increasingly competitive industry, it is so important that as much time as possible is dedicated to looking after customers’ needs as opposed to spending so much time doing unnecessary admin.

Our approach creates a streamlined process, ensuring time efficiency, but making your employees lives easier. Our app also provides a safe and detailed record of maintenance in the event of a defense case being brought against a site, giving you peace of mind.

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How it works

Firstly, say goodbye to paper! – HNS Data is a Mobile app and online portal that tracks in real time the implementation and recording of Health & Safety procedures for single and multiple locations.

  • app

    App + NFC tags

  • checklists

    Tag prompts

  • zones

    Discrete zones

  • dashboard

    Dashboard summary



What’s in it for me and my business?

HNS Data provides digital – real time analysis of staff performing H&S tasks – enabling the performance of jobs to become more efficient.  NFC tags mean that data cannot be falsified and staff must physically scan them.

In the long-term it provides analytics on best performers (both staff and sites) as well as enabling managers to identify time of the day or periods where there may be more operational stress on staff to carry out tasks.  Provides digital proof in real time that a task has been carried out, ensuring peace of mind with minimum effort.


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Saving time to reinvest in customer experience

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24 hour security for peace of mind

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100% tracking in real time

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"Working together with the team at HNS Data we have been able to develop the application to not only replace but also improve our existing fire walk solution. Through the app, my duty management team are able to apportion responsibility for issues to department heads and if these are not resolved, the issue can be escalated further. I am able to monitor hazards as well as review reports that highlight repetitive issues enabling me to understand what actions might need to be taken to prevent these issues from reoccurring."

Robert Holland, GM The Bermondsey Square Hotel

Operational benefits


% compliance for
individual locations


all your locations

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Average time
between checks

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Checks on time
and on schedule


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